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More Solutions to Common Problems

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Back when I had an office job, I had an idea that I was sure would make me boatloads of cash: widemouth lids for Starbucks cups.  While I do chug my coffee, that’s hardly the impetus behind the idea.  It all boils down to the fact that it’s a real pain in the ass to drink beer from the small mouth hole in the standard coffee cup lids.  I could have tried to hand-make some widemouths, but that always comes out all jagged which makes it even more obvious.

The only downside as I see it is that it kind of sucks to drink beer out of paper cups, but I figure that’s not a deal-breaker for a Clandestine Office Beer.  I suppose that problem could be alleviated by a widemouth travel mug (which I assume* they make), but it seems to me that the paper cup would work better at allaying suspicion.

Edit: when I start production on these, maybe I should also make specially-lined, long-lasting paper cups as well.

Edit: hell, I should just stock these at that coffee shop that I’m going to open.

*Due to my policy of not researching things, I have not looked into this at all.

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12/04/2012 at 1:39 am

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