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How I’m Going to Make Millions

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I’ve heard that the hallmark of a successful invention is to find a new or clever solution to a common problem.  It is with this in mind that I present to you an idea that I’m sure will make me a lot of money.  But first, the problem:

When I drink beer at home, I generally drink whatever homebrew I have on tap.  Barring that, it’s usually some fancypants bottled beer.  The question is, how do I drink beer in the shower?*  Too much water gets into any cup I bring in there, bottles are too slippery in the shower (not to mention very breakable), and there just aren’t that many good beers packaged in cans.

Some friends of mine suggested that I just put a tap line in my shower, but that really creates more problems than it solves.  For one, I rent.  I’ll admit that it would take a pretty unreasonable landlord to frown upon an addition as awesome as that, but you can’t be too careful.  Plus a shower tap would have a much longer beer line, which would mean a lot more head pressure for the keg, which would pose problems for the existing tap I have.  Or it would mean I’d have a keg that I could only pour in the bathroom, which would be kind of weird.

When I finally came up with the solution to this, I was kind of amazed nobody** had thought of it before: an plastic lidded stein.  It’d be unbreakable and easy to hold, it wouldn’t let water in, and it wouldn’t be nearly as much of a pain in the ass as drinking beer out of one of those sippy cups.

*I’ve brought this up in mixed company a few times, and have always gotten the same response: guys enthusiastically agree and/or sympathize, girls give me weird looks.  This has, on several occasions, caused girls to look at their boyfriends and ask with a mixture of confusion and disgust “you drink in the shower?”
**I say “nobody” in the sense of “me”, based on the fact that I haven’t done any checking to see if this exists already.

Written by Baron Volcano

03/09/2011 at 4:40 pm

Posted in Beer, right?

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