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Is Beer the New Wine? (No.)

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Jesus Christ people, you really need to stop writing articles whose sole premise is “is beer the new wine?”.  It’s understandable if it’s some dopey feature in a local newspaper (“new restaurant features beer menu and suggested food pairings – just like wine!”), though now that I think about it that seems pretty condescending (“Crappy Beverage tries to imitate the Grown Ups”).  But when I see an article like this in a publication that actually takes beer seriously it falls somewhere between annoying and sad.  There are generally two variations:

a) beer (specifically American craft beer, usually) is gaining respect and (more importantly) people should take it Much More Seriously
2) snobs are turning off potential newbies and really need to Cool Out because It’s Just Beer

I’ve read these two articles a hundred times.  Neither was especially interesting the first time.  I tend to take them as a tacit admission of “my deadline is approaching and I don’t have anything new to say” which I can sort of empathize with because there isn’t always that much to say about beer.  Even so, you gotta find a better use for your 500 words per month.  Constantly harping on this question just makes it seem even moreso like a little kid trying to compare himself to his older brother.

On a related note, those Sam Adams commercials where Jim Koch talks about how “hops are to beer what grapes are to wine” make me want to kill myself.  As a direct result of that ad campaign, somebody once suggested to me that maybe I didn’t like Boston Lager because it’s “too hoppy”.  I managed to navigate that conversation without punching him, but it was a close one.


Written by Baron Volcano

10/26/2010 at 9:19 pm

Posted in Beer, I got opinions, right?

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