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Mooching off of the Past: Part Two

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Since I’m taking shortcuts and posting emails from my brother as original content, I’m also going to post a story he sent me that I have since retold at least twenty times:

So today I had the funniest moment of my med school career (not saying much but still…)

So we had our afternoon class where we learn shit like how to do a physical take a history etc. Today we were learning about how to counsel people on domestic abuse. So everyone has their real serious face on and we are having some pretty heavy discussions about domestic abuse. One of our preceptors was asking about what kinds of injuries people get. After people had said some things she asks “How do people get black eyes?” (The answer she was looking for was getting punched in the dome). To answer this one girl in the class says completely seriously: “Balls to the face”. I was like “What?!?!” And the girl sitting next to her goes “Yeah, you could get hit in the eyes with balls.”  Needless to say it took me approximately five minutes to actually compose myself which was completely inappropriate but it is still fucking hilarious. (Also, they were talking about like baseballs or lacrosse balls or something in case that wasn’t obvious)


After I commented that I probably wouldn’t have been able to compose myself in that situation (Ever), he added:

Glad you enjoyed the story. I definitely had to bite my lip so hard it almost bled. It was made worse by the fact that there are like 6 people in the room so it is exceedingly obvious that I am laughing.


Written by Baron Volcano

09/16/2010 at 7:36 pm

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  1. “Exactly, JoAnne…yes, balls to the face. I agree completely.”

    (Polite smiling and nodding)

    This reminds of a time when I saw a sign language translator get asked if she could say “dirty group sex from behind” in sign language. I thought the person asking the question was trying to hard to be shocking at someone else’s expense, and wrote them off as a moron. But the response from the translator was hilarious. She said, “No, but I can say ‘cool!'” And then she just smiled blankly, and politely waited for the next request.

    Dave Poole

    09/16/2010 at 9:14 pm

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